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Shin Nippon WD-300

XY Movement System (standard)
MICROSCOPE Objective Lens F=175mm
Eye piece 12.5x
Magnification Change Type Drum type with 5 changes
Total Magnifications 5, 7, 11, 18, 28x
Vertical Movement Range : 40mm
X-Y Movement Range : X ±27mm Y ±27mm
Speed : 1.35mm / sec.
COAXIAL ILLUMINATION Light Source 15V 150W halogen lamp,
Opticalfiber system (changeable two lamps)
Filter Light green, blue and ND
Vertical Movement 550mm
DIMENSIONS Base 840mm(W) X 800mm(D)
Height 1240mm
Weight 63kgs

Optional Accessories

Assistant Scope, Observation Tube and Oblique
Illumination (Objective Lens 175mm only)
CCD Camera system Beam Splitter one port
Beam Splitter two ports
C-Mount Adapter F=70mm
C-Mount Adapter F=40mm
C-Mount Adapter F=55mm
Objective Lens 200 and 300mm
Eye piece 16x 16x
Assistant Scope
Observation Tube
Oblique Illumination
Variable Inclined Microscope
45° Adapter 45°
Universal Coupler

Optional Accessories for Dental and ENT

Variable Inclined Microscope (with 45°Adapter) Variable Inclined Microscope (without 45°Adapter) Universal Coupler

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.