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Non Contact Tonometer
Shin Nippon - NCT 10

Clear 5.6 inch LCD color monitor
LCD color monitor produces superb colorful display of the icons for easier identification to select your desired choices for measurement.

Clear 5.6 inch LCD color monitor (1)Measurement value unit mmHg / kPa
(2)Auto Mode / Manual Mode
(3)Measurement value of Right Eye
(5)Measurement value of Left Eye

Description of the setting menu
Unit: Select from mmHG / kPa
Measure: Measurement method Auto / Manual
Brightess: Brightness adjustment of the LCD
Sleep: Standby time before the power saving is activated
Buzzer: On / Off of the buzzer sound
Language: Language selection

Description of the setting menu

3 step Monitor angle
Monitor angle can be tilted in 3steps that allows comfortable operation for both standing and sitting positions.

3 step Monitor angle

Safety Functions
NCT-10 has 3steps of safety function.

1. Safety Stopper
Before measurement, the operator can set this adjustable safety stopper in order to avoid the contact to the patient's eye.

2. "Too Close" display
When the measurement part approaches patient's eyes too much, "Too Close" alarm is displayed on the monitor.

3. Warning buzzer
If the patient's eye and the measurement head are too close, this warning buzzer informs to the operator.

Safety Stopper

"Too Close" display

Measurement with suitable soft air for patient's IOP
The NCT-10 can measures IOP with the minimum air pressure by using equal air pressure on the patient's IOP.
1) The NCT-10 searches for the suitable air pressure for patient's IOP automatically while shooting air.
2) When the suitable air pressure for patient's IOP is discovered, the pressure of air puff starts to decrease the air pressure.

Measurement with suitable soft air for patient's IOP

Auto Start Fucntion
Auto Start Function allows measuring automatically when alignment meets measure-ment requirements.

RS-232C Setting Function
With this function, you can send the measurement data to an external computer through an interface. The data is sent using ASCII Code.

Power Saving Function
The switchover time can be selected on the menu screen.

Quick Printer with Automatic Cutter
Printing paper is automatically cut when printing is completed.

Quick Printer with Automatic Cutter Quick Printer with Automatic Cutter
Image of printout
Measurement Measurement Range 1 60[mmHg]/0.1~8.0[kPa]
Measurement Step 1[mmHg]/ 0.1[kPa]
Working distance 11[mm]
Alignment Operation Range by Joystick Back and Forth 22 mm
Right and Left 43 mm
Up and Down 17 mm
Monitor/Printer Monitor 5.6 inch LCD Color Display
Printer Thermal Type Printer with Auto Cutter
Dimension and Weight Dimension 240 mm(W) x422 mm(D) x438 mm(H)
Weight 15kg
Data Output Function RS-232 Interface
Power Supply Voltage 100~240V
Hertz 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 60 VA
Power Saving Function 5 , 10 , 20 , 90 min. (switchable)
Standard Accessories Dust cover, Fuses, Printer paper, Chinrest paper, Chin Rest Paper Pins, Power Cable

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.