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LCD chart
Dongyang - LCD 700


Accuref 8001


LCD-700 (Polarization LCD Testing System)

LCD Visual Test Chart with high resolution offers the function to test various solid (3D) prism and polarizing filter process.


- The testing distance is available to be adjusted according to the    size of your refraction room (mim.1m is recommended)
- Excellent solid prism test of 3D monitor
- Symbol and Graphic Charts for children
- Various size control of symbol, figure and letter are available
- Function of inversion image and shading mask
- Convenient wireless remote controller to switch chart for visual excellent testing
- Easy selection type of table top, floor stand & wall mount


Charts : 120 pieces
Mask : Single 168, Horizontal 30, Vertical 50 pieces
Conversion Speed : Average 0.02 Sec
Type : LCD panel display visual test chart
Monitor : 17 inch (43.2cm) Liquid Crystal Display
Power : DC12V / 30W
Dims. & Weight : 368 x 335 x 42mm / 7kg
Test distance : 1 ~ 6m (0.25m steps