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Digital Slit Lamp
Shin Nippon SL-203
SL-203 (1)Lamp House
(2)Filter Changing Lever
(3)Slit length Changing Lever
(5)Fixation Light
(6)Aperture Diaphragm Lever
(7)Horizontal Vertical Joystick
(8)Beam splitter (OPTION)
(9)C-mount (OPTION)
(10)CCD Camera (OPTION)

Additional optionsAdditional options
Beam splitter, C-mount, CCD Camera


ILLUMINATION SYSTEM Slit width 0-10 mm, adjustable
Slit length 0.3~10 mm
Diaphragm sizes 0.2, 1, 3, 6, 10 mm
Rotation 0-180
Slit tilt Up to 20
Light source (bulb) 12V 50W halogen lamp
Filters Cobalt blue, heat absorption, 50% neutral density, light-blue, open
MICROSCOPE Type of microscope Binoculer, Greenough-type
Objectives 0.4x, 0.67x, 1.7x, 2.67x
Eyepiece 15x
Total magnification 6x, 10x, 16x, 25.6x, 40x
Field of view, mm 6-37 mm
Method of changing magnifications 5-step drum rotation
Binoculer angle 14.2
Pupillary distance 50-80 mm
Diopter adjustment range -7 to +7 D
RANGE OF MOVEMENT Side shift 100mm
Depth shift 55 mm
Height shift 29 mm
Fine adjustment by joystick 10 mm
Chin-rest height adjustment 80 mm
Height 68.5 cm
WEIGHT 22 kg
POWER SOURCE 100, 115, 220, 240 V
ACCESSORIES Standard contents Dust cover, Spare bulbs, Chin-rest paper,Central screen bar, Hand- rest, Breath shield, Fuses, Mirror
Additional options Beam splitter, C-Mount, CCD Camera, Obsevation tube, Hruby lens attachment, Applanation tonometer, 15x Measuring eye piece

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.