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Digital Slit Lamp
Shin Nippon SL-102
SL-102 (1)Lamp House
(2)Filter Changing Lever
(3)Slit length Changing Lever
(5)Fixation Light
(6)Aperture Diaphragm Lever
(7)Horizontal Vertical Joystick

Optional halogen lampOptional halogen lamp 6V 20W is also available


ILLUMINATION SYSTEM Slit width 0-10 mm, adjustable
Slit length 0.3~10 mm
Diaphragm sizes 0.2, 1, 3, 6, 10 mm
Rotation 0-180
Slit tilt Up to 20
Light source (bulb) 6V 27W tungsten lamp
Filters Cobalt blue, heat absorption, 50% neutral density, light-blue, open
MICROSCOPE Type of microscope Binoculer, Greenough-type
Objectives 1x, 1.6x
Eyepiece 10x, 16x
Total magnification 10x, 16x, 25.6x
Field of view, mm 10-18 mm
Method of changing magnifications 2-position lever
Binoculer angle 13.5
Pupillary distance 55-80 mm
Diopter adjustment range -8 to +8 D
RANGE OF MOVEMENT Side shift 100mm
Depth shift 55 mm
Height shift 29 mm
Fine adjustment by joystick 10 mm
Chin-rest height adjustment 80 mm
Height 68.5 cm
WEIGHT 22 kg
POWER SOURCE 100, 115, 220, 240V
ACCESSORIES Standard contents Dust cover, Spare bulbs, Chin-rest paper,Central screen bar, Hand- rest, Breath shield, Fuses, Mirror
Additional options Hruby lens attachment, ?Halogen lamp, Applanation tonometer

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.