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Auto Ref/Refkerato Meter
Shin Nippon - ACCUREF K 9001

Latest Digital Image Processing Technology Offers More


Accuref-K 9001Clear 5.6 inch LCD color monitor
LCD color monitor produces superb colorful display of the icons for easier identification to select your desired choices for measurement.

Measurement Screen Measurement Screen
(1)Increment of Measurement Value
(2)Vertex Distance
(3)Cylindrical Mark
(4)Eye Selection Indication
(5)Refractive measurement result
(6)Spherical value
(7)Cylindrical value
(8)Axis angle

(9)Keratometry measurement result
(10)Number of Measurement
(11)Radius of Curvature (maximum)
(12)Radius of Curvature (minimum)
(13)Axis Angle

3 step Monitor angle
Monitor angle can be tilted in 3 steps that allows comfortable operation for both standing and sitting positions.

Wide Measurement Range
Wide Measurement Range of Sph -25.00D to 25.00D, Cyl -10.00D to 10.00D.

3 step Monitor angle

2.3 mm Minimum Pupil Diameter & 3 step Target Light Adjuster
Allows you to measure much smaller pupils than conventional units and 3 step Target Light Adjuster ensures accurate results.

Kerato-Peripheral Measurement
4 Plots of Cornea can be measured.
Kerato-Peripheral Measurement ScreenKerato-Peripheral Measurement Screen
(1)Positions already measured (yellow/illumination)
(2)Current Measurement Position(blue/blinking)
Printout Sample of P.K. Measurement Printout Sample of P.K. Measurement
(1)Data of Corneal Center only
When R/K or Kerato measurement is also taken, only optimum values are printed.
(2)Peripheral Measurement Result
(3)Vertical Eccentricity
(4)Horizontal Eccentricity

IOL Measurement Function
Measurement Screen when IOL mode is setMeasurement Screen when IOL mode is set
(1)IOL measurement mode indication
Printout Sample Printout Sample
(1)Measurement results of IOL
measurement mode have "IOL"
marks on the left side of each data.

Auto Start Function
Auto Start Function allows measuring automatically when alignment meets measurement requirements.

Quick Measurement Function
Quick Measurement Function realizes 1-10 times continuous measurements by pushing the measurement button once.

Data Screen Function
Measured data can be seen on the monitor without printing.

Data Screen (R) Data Screen (R)

Choices on printout format
Format of the print out, ALL, ECONO and OFF, can be set on the mode selection.

Sample Print Out when PRINT FORM is set to ALL Sample Print Out when PRINT FORM is set to ALL
(1)Message Area
(2)Refractive Data
(3)Keratometry Data
(4)Refractive Data
(5)Keratometry Data
(6)Pupil Distance
(7)Date and Time Display
(8)Right Eye Data
(9)Left Eye Data
(10)Optimum Value(Indicated when each eye is measured more than three times)

Quick Printer with Automatic Cutter
Printing paper is automatically cut when it is released.

Contact Lens Base Curve Measurement
Base Curve of a hard contact lens can be measured using the contact lens holder.

Near Pupil Distance Measurement
When measurement is taken with this function, near pupil distance is automatically computed to indicate it on the screen and the printout.

RC-232C Setting Function
With this function, you can send the measurement data to an external computer through an interface. The data is sent using ASCII CODE.

Output Terminal
This terminal outputs an NTSC video terminal. If you connect an external monitor, you can observe the same image that appears on the internal monitor screen of ACCUREF-K 9001 simulataneously.

Power Saving Function
The switchover time can be selected on the menu screen.


Refractive Measuring Range Sph -25~ 25D (0.12/0.25D step)
Cy 0~±10D (0.12/0.25D step)
Axis 0~180° (1°step)
Keratometic Measuring Range Radius of Corneal Curvature 5.0~10mm (0.01mm step)
Corneal Refraction 33.75~67.5D
Cy 0~±9D
Axis 0~180° (1°step)
Corneal periphery Measurement area f7.5 mm (when radius of curvature is 8mm)
Vertex Distance 0, 10, 12, 13.5, 15mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter f2.3mm
PD Measurement Measurement range 85mm (1mm step)
Printer Thermal line printer with automatic cutter (paper width 57mm)
Internal Monitor 5.6 inch LCD monitor (color)
Shifting Range for Sliding Body back/forth ±17mm right/left ±43mm up/down ±17mm
Vertical Adj.Range for Chin Rest ±30mm
Dimensions (W) 240mm (D) 422mm (H) 438mm
Weight approx. 15 kg
Date Output RS-232C interface Video Terminal
Power Source 100~240V 50 / 60Hz
Consumption 80 VA
Power Saving Function OFF, 3, 5, 10 min. (switchable)
Standard Accessories Model Eye, Power Code, Printing Paper, Fuse, Chin Rest Paper, Chin Rest Paper Pin, Dust Cover

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.